The Predator

The Predator

This vehicle comes equipped with three high atmosphere guided missiles and twin flaming ball cannons. The flaming ball cannons are as close to the ground as possible. They fire flaming balls that roll like bowling balls and scorch any infantry in their path. Saw blade steering makes it ridiculously fast on the ground and deadly in close range.

Up/Down: Move forward/Move backward
Right/Left: Turn right/Turn Left
Numpad 0: Fire twin flaming ball cannon
1: Turn on left missile flamethrower
2: Accelerate left missile
3: Turn on middle missile flamethrower
4: Accelerate middle missile
5: Turn on right missile flamethrower
6: Accelerate right missile

Numpad 8: Move missile up, when viewed from above
Numpad 2: Move missile down, when viewed from above
Numpad 4: Move missile left, when viewed from above
Numpad 6: Move missile right, when viewed from above

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