The one-of-everything challenge

Walgreens pharmacy Hours A little competition for the inventive - or bored. No prizes, except for enduring fame for the winner, who will be written down in history. And quite possibly measured with a theodolite by geographers...


(1) You have one of everything to make something useful. Or at least apparently useful. Such usefulness need not include the ability to splatter knights and peasants. Or chickens. But it can if that is how the mood takes you.

(2) You have only one of everything. That's right, one powered wheel, one grabber, one brace (any length you like), one big spiky peasant-impaler. Not two, not none. You have to use all the objects in Besiege. Once. And no, you can't swap your flaming ball for a second steering hinge. Any left-over bits will be judged for relevance, and points deducted if your sheep-mangle has a stray peasant-impaler sitting next to it for no obvious purpose.

(3) Entries must be accompanied by a bsg, so we can check to see you haven't added a second spiky thing, or omitted the essential small square bit of armour plate. And a screenshot or two, so we can see what it looks like. Doh...

(4) The competition will run until such time as it seems people have run out of ideas (or sooner, if nobody enters), at which point, I'll start a poll for the result (does this forum support polls? I hope so...) and then ignore the poll result and judge it myself, since I'm sure you'll all cheat and get your friends to vote for you. No, seriously, I'll run a poll, though I reserve the right to reject obvious ballot-stuffing (even if done in support of a ballot-stuffing machine entry).
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