The Official Besiege Discord Server

We here at the community created a Discord server for Besiege so that players could have a (mostly) friendly environment to interact, talk about the game and play together. With a wonderful moderation team and Spiderling there to help, we keep the environment good for the players, and we provide a handful of channels for all sorts of different purposes. You can share your creations, levels, mods or skinpacks, ask for help with almost anything relating to the game, have multiplayer matches with fellow members and all-around interact and have great fun.

Who should you look for when something's up?
• Grand Barons are the administration team. You should tag them if someone is showing toxic behaviour or if some moderating-related issue comes up!
• Trusted people are members who are particularly helpful and generally contribute towards the well-being of the community. Turn to them if you need help with the game! DX Lean Diet Forskolin
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Did you just... copy part of the other thread about the discord and repost it...?