The MultiTest Map

Hi everyone:

This level comes with many ways to see if your land vehicle needs some upgrades in certent types of aspects. The map features 8 major Test Zones:

·Climb Test:
The zone consists of 4 different ramps placed at different inclines (20º-30º-40º-50º) just to see how capable is your vehicle of climbing flat ground.
After you reach the top of the ramp, there will be a platform that will take you to the ground:
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Supension Test:
The suspension test is a very simple platform divided in 4 areas covered with bumps with different hights and lengths to see how your suspension handles rough bumps.
At the end of this areas there is a respawn Insignia and an exit.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.09.03 -

·Vertical Fall Test:
The Zone consists of 4 platforms, they are elevators that take you to a certain height (20m-35m-55m-70m), after that they drop down and let you fall vertically
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Rock Crawling:
This is personally my favourite stage due to the amount of detail that went in to it. This zone has 2 sides, one made with rocks and a secondone made with grass platforms, you are able to reach the top from both sides.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Wheel Incline Test:
This zone is very useful to know how adaptive your suspension can be, it consists of 5 different platforms, 4 of them with 1 elevator, one of them with 2.
You basically locate your wheels (Rear or Front depending on the platform) on the elevators, and they will ascend up to 3 and 5 meters and your suspension will have to adapt to the situation so your tires get more grip.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Jump Test:
This zone allows you to test how well your vehicle handles jumps at diferent angles, the paths are accompanied by a wind zone to allow you to a bit faster.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Max Compression Test:
This consists of 3 different plantforms in wich you stand on so that your vehicle gets crushed at different heights from the ground to test how strong the vehicles body and suspension are.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.27 -

·Sky Launch Test:
This tests consists on 3 platforms that will launch verticaly at different speeds to test your vehicle's air control and not so vertical fall resistance.
Desktop Screenshot 2018.09.03 -

The Map also comes with a build zone that is perfectly alined with the map grid and with a transparent floor to make it easier to build inside the map.

I tried to get as much detail as i could in every corner of the map to make it more enjoyable and not so monotone, thats why it might be a little bit laggy for slow Pcs
(Dont really know, if it is not laggy pls tell me and if it is, ill trie make a much more lag friendly version of it <3)

Update: Simplified MultiTest Map Done

Btw if you see anything wrong with a clipping texture, object physics that are weird or any other bug or detail, dont be afraid to tell me :)

This map is defenetly open to new ideas so, if i see something good to add, ill certently trie to do it.

Check out Draegast video showcasing it:

Much love to all of ya! have fun playing it! Thank you very much

Here is the STEAM link:

Here is the file: Multitest


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