The micro steam slider


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Hello again!
So I was working on some tanks then got bored and built this wee thing.
Actually, there are ways to make a slider with uh lemme remember.... yeah I think I used 6 blocks on the very first test, it was as fast (maybe faster) but it was too clumsy and fell to easily.
So I made this 'big' version, it's more stable for sure and can survive ANYTHING! Even high falls (like on the balloon level in tolbrynd).
However, this is like a turtle, if it gets upturned, well I'm sorry for you :\
Also because it has no reverse it can be annoying sometimes, but no big deal.

I tried to make the driving as easy as possible and it is! Only two buttons! XD
Left arrow to turn left
Right arrow to turn right ( o rly? )
Left + Right to go forward.

As usual with steam powered stuff, beware the bug that occurs when turning too fast on high speeds, the direction of the steam gets disrupted and turns off the torches D:

Anyway here is the download link and pictures of course.
PS: I was busy playing the witcher 3 and borderlands 2, don't be mad at me.
PPS: If you want, I can also upload (but only here, forums first ;) ) the 6 blocks slider. Just ask and stuff.

Forgot to say that this is 10 blocks large including the starting block :)

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