The Ipsilon Challenge - All levels with the smallest block count !

Hi folks,

I'm here to start a challenge with you !

Beat The Ipsilon Island with the smallest machine possible
  • Your beast must have the smallest block count possible.
  • Your beast must beat all levels without modifications.
  • Your beast must be available to download for other people.
  • You must have the bounding box ON.
  • No mods, the challenge is vanilla flavour.
Good luck !

current record : 6 parts

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"without modification" means use the same machine, right?
Are we allowed to change the position and rotation of the machine?
I've also been thinking of trying a 5 block build, but it's super random. Place down a wood block about 5 blocks away from the source, then place a grabber and put a bomb on it. Put a contracting spring between the two blocks and hold L at intervals, the blocks will fly everywhere. I don't think that a machine like that should be allowed though because it's entirely luck, there's no preciseness to it at all.
10 blocks. smaller version of raptors segway. many tries.. such frustration... works though..

couldnt resist naming it something funny.

left and right turns it foward goes foward and left and right same time goes back. this thing is a balancing act.

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10-piece KFC Segway.bsg
Your 6 block sounds interesting, I'd like to see it. I couldn't get anything below ~10 to carry a bomb (in the air). We could probably collaborate and get it below six, which would definitely be a record to beat.
This might be hasty, but my guess is the minimum block count (for a controllable machine ie: not random) is around 5. One block for steering, one block for movement, 1 bomb for the explosives level, and maybe a grabber, although it may be possible w/o one. I have yet to get this legendary build to work as of yet though.
rotate the machine, aim its ass slightly to the right of the lyre. and dunk the bomb. the body of the machine will kamekaze the lyre

throwing the bomb is a bit difficult. using H/V in the right timing to throw it a few feet.. if done correctly you wont hurt yourself.

this thing is very hard to use. i had to try about a million times on midland encampment.