The Heist Challenge!

When I completed Ipsilon, and went to the first level of Tolbrynd, the first thing that I immediately noticed was that pile of gold bars that the knights were trying to give "me".
I, however, built a brutal machine that burned and killed all of them. But why do we do that (because I know we all do)? They were just trying to give us an offer so that we wouldn't destroy the island they live in.

Can't we just accept their offer, and leave them alone (and alive)?

So what I want you guys to do is to create the most complex, safe, and creative way of "stealing" that gold, using a a siege engine!
You must then post below the name of your machine/contraption, and an image of it (or a video of if in action, if you want).

The challenge will go on indefinetly!

-The machine must be able to move the gold (and the cart below it) from point A (it's starting point) to point B (a safe place to store it, like a box or a "safe");
-The machine can be either "legal" or "illegal" (bounding box or no boundaries, respectively);
-The machine can be either used in normal mode, but invincibility is preferred, since it allows for bigger contraptions;
-The machine MUSTN'T catch on fire or explode, even if in invincible mode;
-The machine MUSTN'T kill ANY of the guards. They can't die.

How The "Rating System" Works:
I will rate the machines, according to:

Awesomely Mind-Blowing! (The best one)
Not Too Good.
Kinda crappy.
Plain awful. (The worst one)

The First To Participate Trophy:
jon_joy_1999 said:
Challenge. Accepted.

Machine included.

Be nice to me, and spread the word. Please put this in your signature so more people can hear about the challenge:

Great! Be sure to be the first one posting a machine if you want your name in "The First To Participate Trophy"! ;-)
Oh, and if you don't mind, put that image I put in the last spoiler in your signature. I want people to come here and participate.


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1, the first image is broken for me, 2, you should make the image an url, so people can click it to get here, like this:
becomes this:
The first image is broken for you? Like, the one with the gold? I'l try to fix it
And make the image an url how? I am kinda new here... ;-)
I changed some stuff. The "competition" is now a challenge that will go on indefinetly, because I think that we will have the chance of seeing more and more people come up with creative ideas if the challenge doesn't end.

So I would appreciate if you all could spread the word about the challenge, because I think that some of the people here on the forums can have really amazing ideas, but that we will not have a chance to see them if they don't hear about this. So from now on, you can put the image in your signature even if you haven't participated.


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I was considering sharing that, but didn't bother searching for it XD

Guess there's not much competition when FrzB is involved, maybe he should be banned from challenges? :p jk
Well, good entry.
But was it specificaly for the challenge?

Anyway, it's not a competition anymore, so you can of course post yours, I will truly appreciate them.


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MaxTCC said:
Well, good entry.
But was it specificaly for the challenge?

Anyway, it's not a competition anymore, so you can of course post yours, I will truly appreciate them.
No, he made it some months or weeks ago :p
Cool, someone actually participated!!!
And does it look cool!

I like that it all sits perfectly inside the machine!
And it meets all the requierements!

Overall Rating: Good.
Well, the rules are made to be broken, am I right?

​So TekmastR, go ahead and try to make a machine that kills the knights using the gold ;-)
The ones in the tower don't matter.

Yup. I went ahead and made an image through a crappy online text generator.

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