The Fuller - Light combat biped


The Fuller is my smallest mech yet . Being this tiny it can not carry much weaponry but boasts (relatively in terms of the Besiege mecha of my design) decent stability, turning and the potential to recover from a fall using the rear facing "toes". You may recognize it from my "fails" video I posted in the forums. That was actually a later, more done up version and as a result was heavier and more awkward than this one. I am not going to equip it with any weapons at this point so you can just mount whatever you want to the nose mounted turret that I have provided. Walking is best done in baby steps at first but the mech can perform some decent stride and turning hops once you play around with it for a while.

" Coming up at only waist or even knee height to some of the current behemoths of the battlefield, the Fuller is definitely one of the less imposing combatants being fielded in the battle for Ipsilon and Tolbrynd. Nonetheless, it's small size and inability to carry a heavy weapons payload have not prevented it from earning it's stripes and becoming known as the backbone of the invasion force. In terms of mecha, it fills the role of a general infantry unit. Fairly weak on its own , Fullers rely on tactics similar to that of an infantry soldier squad. They are usually deployed in groups. A typical Fuller lance will consist of 3 or more units with varying weaponry tasked with routing out enemy insurgents and supporting missions led by larger , more formidable mechs such as Blackjacks or the Fuller's big brother , the Kestrel.
Their small size has many advantages in terms of close quarters and urban combat engagements but does not come without a cost. The cockpit of a Fuller takes up over 60% of the main hull alone and the frame is not capable of carrying the weight of multiple autocannons , missiles or lobbed explosives ...let alone the ammo. This factor makes most Fuller units carry beam, cryo or incinerator weaponry with only one per lance designated to carry ballistic armament. However , this also allows skilled Fuller pilots the potential to recover after the mech has fallen or been knocked down using the mech's gyros and rear heel stabilizers.
Fuller Pilots have the highest casualty rate of any in the invasion force. Even when they are not KIA many operators suffer minor injury due to being thrown about in the course of hectic combat maneuvers. The mechframe is so small in fact that there is not enough room for the cockpit to be gimbal mounted and as such , many pilots blame this for their bruises and broken bones even after successful missions. The user comfort level of this mech is so low due to these factors that a steam clean procedure is mandatory protocol during refit/rearm in order to clean out the vomit. All negative points aside, the fuller is keystone to our victory as it prevents larger mechs from being swarmed by enemy infantry and militia units." ~ General J.M Jefferson , First Mechanized Division


Legs : left and right arrows
Heel Balancers: Up and down arrows
Left/Right Steering: left Ctrl and left Alt
Turret: numpad 4,6,8,2


Nobounds: to set both gyro wheels to a speed of 10
MoreBlocks: for the...more blocks
Place blocks on grabbers : Not sure if you need it but just in case

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I did have arms on it at one point which increased the similarity with ED-209. But alas ....she cannot take the strain. I need FrizB to say that last part for me. ;)