The Battlestation - Long range precision missiles

The Battlestation

The Battlestation hovers above the battlefield and shoots long range precision missiles. With these missiles, I can easily hit any target that I can see.

Up/Down: Move Forward/Backward
Left/Right: Turn Left, Turn Right
Numpad 0 raises altitude
Numpad . lowers altitude
1: Release Center Missile
2: Center Missile Control
3: Release Left Missile
4: Left Missile Control
5: Release Right Missile
6: Right Missile Control
7: Release Far Left Missile
8: Far Left Missile Control
9: Release Far Right Missile
0: Far Left Missile Control

Start it off at low speed or the balloons may pop. After the balloons have settled, it is safe to use this one at 100% speed.

I would recommend firing the far left and far right missiles first, then the left and right missiles. I usually save the center missile for last. You can fire them in any order, but it is smoother and less shaky when you fire the outer missiles first.

After firing a missile, the Battlestation loses mass. To compensate for this and maintain equilibrium I discard a section of balloons everytime a missile is fired. This keeps the craft from tilting. It is important to move after firing before the balloons reach the freeze zone and rain back down.

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