The Ark


The Ark- the flying castle with concealed hover fans and powerful engines. Very stable and multi-directional.

Front tilt ( = ) ( - )
Back tilt (NUM+) (MUN-)
Right rotation ( ; ) ( ' )
Roll (left arrow) (right arrow)
Yaw ( [ ) ( ] )
Throttle (NUM8)
Reverse (NUM5)

Extend ( H )
Release bomb ( V )
Canons ( C )

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Okay I'm a fan, you make awesome stuff bro! I don't fully understand aerodynamics in this game yet so I can never get anything to balance in the air, let alone something that humongous haha. This is much cooler than that dingy Noah rode in ;P
Thank you!
The aerodynamics is challenging in this game. Difficult but achievable.
My next project will be trying to make a balanced tilt-rotor plane.

My first attempt:
wow this ones great! does it lag when u build it ?
if u like giant airships be sure to check out mine...i really love the concealed cannons