This is like a player Vs. Bot situation where the player had to build a device with a limited amount on blocks (this is selectable 10,20,50,100,Unlimited) You can also choose a difficulty Easy, Medium, hard, Mechanical Genius. There would also be a device build by the bot (would be a pre determined build there would have to be a bunch of different designs (lets say 10 different designs for each difficulty and block limit) and you have to build your design before the first fight and you have to try and beat all 10 designs against the bot (The bot is fighting to destroy you aswell) your machine will be repared and restocked between each fight. And this could also just be for fun or they could inplement a reward system so that when you beat a set difficulty on a set block limit you unlock a new block to use in your creations over the rest of the game (to be chosen by the devs) I under stand that this could be an issue for people with not-so fast computers. So I am also suggesting that in the options menu in the main menu they add a graphics customisation super high, high, medium, low, potatoe. (well, more than the currently availible customization) to make the game easier to run. You will not be allowed to load machines into this mode but you will be able to save whatever machine(s) you make.

Please reply your opinions/improvements (and grammer and spelling mistakes)