TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

When I start Besiege spaar's mod loader just spews this in the console and the mod doesn't work.

System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExportedTypes ()
spaar.ModLoader.Internal.ModLoader.LoadMod (System.IO.FileInfo file, System.String overrideName)
spaar.ModLoader.Internal.ModLoader:LoadMod(FileInfo, String)
Finally found a solution, it has one downfall and it's slightly more performance intensive, but nobody but me will probably notice as most of that inefficiency is during a singular frame.
It's hard to get used to the modding world if you've played for a long time. I learned a lot of stuff when playing earlier versions of besiege, but all that knowledge is outdated with people debating whether you should put braces inside or outside blocks or if a 2 degree change in propeller angle is going to be better. Still, this is an awesome mod, lots of work must've gone into it, I hope I can get into it myself :D
I have two bugs to report, one of which can be lethal.
the rotation bug: If I set it at 45 degrees, I can correctly rotate it left or right by 45 degrees. But when it is 350 degrees, it rotate by 350 degrees if I rotate left, rotate by 10 degrees if I rotate right.
If I load a machine from v0.23 or earlier, it comes to be a lethal bug, old machines can not be edited by building tools.(I am using v0.35) First load a machine. Then select a wheel or other functional blocks. Then you press the space. And you will find the set botton won't control the block.
I followed your directions for installation, and have the latest mod loader, however it doesn't seem to function. I also tried unpacking the .rar file in the mods folder, and it still does not appear to work.
>Drag the contents of the archive (.rar) into your Mods directory in the Besiege Directory.
If you followed the instruction you probably wouldn't say "I also tried unpacking the .rar file in the mods folder"... So I don't think you completely followed the instruction ;) You need to take the *contents* of the archive and drag it into the Mods folder, merge the resource folder and then you should be good.

Hopefully you'll get it working, make sure you have v0.38 of the Building Tools.
That would be great (with the same gizmo as translation for example and posibility to chose the increment with the text box)

and, why not a 'no bound' function, no need to edit bsg anymore....
Sorry I don't think that scaling really fits the whole "building with blocks" theme...
No bounds is also kinda cheating, so I won't be implementing that either.

Building tools are just to help building faster and smarter, not to change the game away from something block based or cheat with altering powers.
As I've heard some have issues with getting the forum to show the real updated contents of this post here's a Quoted copy paste without the images:

TheGuysYouDespise said:
So yeah there are plenty of mods dealing with translation and rotation of blocks.
But the UI, Input methods, and general feel of those tools never really hit the right spot for me.

So here's the mod I made primarily for myself to stop being frustrated with other's:
~ Building Tools ~

Formerly know as Block Transform Tools

This is a mod dealing with rotating, translating, duplicating, deleting, of multiple blocks at once.

I used to use Editor+ by Tesseract Cat, but felt like it wasn't all there, so this mod takes that concept and realizes it fully.
I hope.

Here's a small explanation video:


1. Select multiple blocks
- Multi click, Drag Selection of various types, select all, selection between two selected blocks.

2. Translate selection of blocks by incremental value
- Drag for quick translation, Click for precise translation.

3. Rotate selection of blocks by incremental value.
- Drag for quick rotation, Click for precise rotation.

4. Duplicate selection of blocks.
- Duplicate your selection and continue to have control over the transformation.

5. Independent Undo/Redo for current selection's rotation and translation
- There is no undo/redo for changing selection, duplication or deletion of blocks. And it will create some artifacts for normal undo and redo.

6. Hide Selection.
- Hide current selection to gain clear access for the inside of machines, only works for one selection.

7. Delete selection of blocks.
- Deletes your selected blocks.

8. Mirror selection of blocks along axes.
- Mirror the selection around the pivot along a the x,y, or z axis.

9. Lock selection.
- Lock selection to avoid deselecting, adding to selection, etc, while translating, rotating, building, etc.

10. Custom Rotation by R key for blocks.
- Set a custom amount instead of 90 degrees for the R key.

11. Allow intersecting blocks placement.
- Requires BlockLoader but delivers a button to toggle off that pesky intersection warning, and let you place blocks overlapping.
note: they will still collide in play.

12. Merging machines
On the "Load Machine" page you will find a new button that is for importing machines to the machine you already have, when a machine is imported it's automatically selected and goes to movement mode to help you position it as you wish. If you have a selection while using this button everything but your selection will be unloaded, and the machine will be imported, however it will not auto select the new machine for you, instead your selection will remain so you can position that in relation to the imported machine.

Obscure Features:

1. Delete/Ground everything not selected.
By doing a selection and then doing the normal tools for a machine affects everything but your current selection.



Press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R to refresh the page if the most recent download doesn't appear.

1. Get spaar's Mod Loader.
---(If you have a BlockTransformTools.dll file in your mods directory remove it)
2. Drag the contents of the archive (.rar) into your Mods directory in the Besiege Directory.
3. Enjoy.

Change Log:
Besiege v0.23:

14/01/2016: v0.1:
15/01/2016: v0.2:
Fixed Bugs:
- Trolley wheel caused issues with selection
- Pistons not resetting colour.
- Selection and entering/exiting simulation could lock or glitch UI and elements.
- Various small bug fixes.

Added Features:
- Mirror seletion along axes (x,y,z)
-- Hotkeys: 1, 2, 3:
- Ctrl+Click: Translate Gizmo main arrows to move opposite direction by increment value.
- Alt+Click: select hovered block, and deselect all others. With no block targested: deselect all.
16/01/2016: v0.25:
Fixed Bugs:
- Hotkeys for selection.
- Focusing on tool gizmos with unexpected results.
- GUI issues.

Added Features:
- Mirror seletion along axes (x,y,z) GUI
-- Hotkeys: 1, 2, 3:
- Custom Rotation by pressing R
-- with reverse functionality by holding Ctrl.
16/01/2016: v0.3:
Fixed Bugs:
- Better drag selection.
- Mirroring braces now function properly.
- Rotation for placed block not matching correctly for base (internal besiege bug) fixed, added settings button.
- Naming duplicated blocks correctly.
- Various minor bugs

Added Features:
- Hide Selection
- Lock Selection
- Dedicated Selection mode
- "OLDSCHOOL" button in settings, turning that off will leave the selection mode to be the only mode in which you can select stuff.
- Reset custom rotation key value.

- Changed NoClip icon (now called "allow intersection").
- Changed custom rotation key value icon.
- Removed WASD camera movement in Building mode.
16/01/2016: v0.31:
Fixed Bugs:
- Mirroring should now be completely fixed: a bug was present where certain blocks didn't mirror properly.

- Made WASD cam work when Building Tools bar is hidden.
Besiege v0.25:

07/02/2016: v0.35:
Fixed Bugs:
- Updated to Besiege v0.25
- Binding blocks to keys that are used for hotkeys ignore their hotkey functionality while being assigned for blocks.
- Fixed Tooltips for Building Tools' buttons

Added Features:
- Import Machine Button
- Invert Selection
- No Need for BlockLoader anymore.

- Loading a machine while having a selection no longer keeps the selection in the scene, use Import Machine button.
- Refactored some code to make it more effiecient.
07/02/2016: v0.36:
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed Key Mapping issues
- Fixed Drag Selection

- Loading a machine while having a selection keeps the selection in the scene.
07/02/2016: v0.37:
Fixed Bugs:
- Re-Fixed Drag Selection
07/02/2016: v0.38:
Fixed Bugs:
- Fixed Drag Selection key mapping scramble issue.