TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

Um, TheGuysYouDespise, there's a pretty big bug still lurking in the mod's code.
What I did in the gif below:
1. Loaded one of my machines
2. Activated selection mode
3. Held LMB on a random block, dragged the mouse around, then released LMB
4. Repeated step 3 a few times
5. Pressed escape, which cancelled the selection and oddly enough undid the most recent bug-induced blocks "translation".

Pretty easy to reproduce it on your own. I have no idea what might be causing it, the console did not show eny errors.
Mod version used: v0.36
Btw, the gif is sped up to 200%

Weird, I reinstalled all of my mods... As in, the ModLoader, KeepCameraRotation and Building Tools - bug's still there.
Should I reinstall besiege itself?
Alright, the block mess-up thing is fixed as you said, but there's another problem.
Somehow, properties of certain blocks are changed when the selection tool is used. In my case, the machine I used will always hover in one place if i let go of controls. After using the selection tool on them, the rotors seem weaker, even though the properties of spinning blocks, wheels and so on remain the same. I have no idea what might be the cause.
The ones that were NOT selected remain the same. Reloading the machine fixes the issue.
If you need a gif of that, let me know >.>
I'm back. Besiege completely reinstalled. Cache verified. Latest modloader and Building Tools (v0.37) installed.

I think I know what the issue actually is - using the selection tool and dragging across multiple blocks in a chaotic fashion messes up their properties. Some spinning blocks, steering blocks and wheels just end up with different speeds, some parts (pins in my case) revert back to the default key binding. Rotors don't spin fast enough to lift my machine off the ground.

All of this happens, while the Key Mapper tool (the default one) claims that affected blocks remain unchanged. Again, if you want me to demonstrate that with a gif, just ask. I basically did the same thing I did in the first gif, obviously excluding the blocks getting messed up.
found out how to replicate the issue, I know in what area causes the issue, I do not understand why it happens though yet, a fix will be imminent when I figure that out.