TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]


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Does the console have any errors?
I found that the shortcut keys (QWE, etc) will conflict with the built-in key changing mechanism. i.e., when you change some part's key binding to keys like E, the rotate mode will be started instantly and the setting dialog will be closed.
@TGYD: Do you have an estimation of the time it will take you to upgrade your mod to v0.25? Besiege isn't the same game anymore since I can't use building tools
Just be patient. Hes working on it right now, just be patient. A lot of things changed with Besiege in the last update and its a miracle that Spaar got the modloader updated so quickly. Soon(tm)!
I am having problems with the 0.25 release, I have the latest modloader and no other mods loaded, heres what the console said

ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.

System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExportedTypes ()
spaar.ModLoader.Internal.ModLoader.LoadMod (System.IO.FileInfo file, System.String overrideName)
spaar.ModLoader.Internal.ModLoader:LoadMod(FileInfo, String)
Everything seems to be working..... but the second i use your mod in anyway all the hotkey placements of my machine go bonkers its like it resets them all to default :( Even the speeds go back to default. And when i change them back it doesnt work the gui shows the right settings like left and right at 4.5 speed but the wheel turns at 1.0 when i press forward lol. Even when i press F to invert it the gui shows its inverted but the game ignores it. Lastly if i use your mod save the changes quit the game and come back reload everything works as it should till i use it again.
Sorry bout long post just wanted to give as much info as possible
I have the same issue. Values and keymapping are brought to defauts if I use any function of the mod or if I use the import function (altough the parameter tuning box still shows the desired values)
I Reinstalled besiege and everything,still getting same error as I was ealier,how did you guys get this mod to work? Cant build without it anymore
try this:
Restart Steam,
Verify Game Cache,
Get newest ModLoader,
make sure you have no previous Block Transform Tools, Building Tools or BlockLoader installed,
Get newest Building Tools.
If the error persists through that I'm baffled.