TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]


It didn't notice the background of the GUI wasn't clic-able anymore ! sweeet

I also love the selection lock function

Thanks for that awesome work
hmm, i think i found a bug. the mod, or something in it, prohibits the camera from moving. is this a bug?
EDIT: as long as i press Shift i can move sideways and backwards, but not forwards, this is Weird...
EDIT2: ok, i can move freely if i hold ctrl, but thats annoying xD TheGuysYouDespise please fix this
It's not a bug, as written in the change log I have disabled WASD movement for the camera, it simply takes away too many hotkeys that are normally used for quick selection of tools or other functionalities.

I'm still looking into moving the camera functionality to some other keys.

Please read the change log before posting bugs.
hmm, could you add a "chose block number" function? for those "secret" blocks like that usefull areodynamic propeller that you can build off of.
And would it be hard to implement a "select by block type" function? you click on a block and all the other blocks of the same type become highlited.

I would also love to have a text box that shows the coordinates of the selected block (if more than one block is selected, the gizmo should be the reference)
Position and rotation on the X,Y and Z axis, Sometimes I need to reset the position of a block but I don't remember how much I moved/turned it

Another idea that just comes to my mind, a "switch to " function would be great. All the selected blocks can be switched to another type. You have a loader full of bombs, you select them and switch to grenades in about 2 clics, you have wood blocks, you prefer wood poles? no problems. You spent hours building tanks tracks with hinges, what about changing for ball joints?

You're gonna tell me "hey man what if you switch from braces to regular block?" you're the builder, you have to know what you're doing
I won't ever add in ludicrous information that basically provides information overload for most situations. I might add in a select by type, but I'm kinda in two minds about it.

I am considering making a building mode that replaces blocks, but it will be one at a time for what I have in mind.

Braces aren't actually a problem at all, they would just be handled separately. Thanks for the suggestions, but don't be too disappointed if I can't fit em in.


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stuChris said:
How do we access the obscure tools?
I need to put two parts of a machine together
What obscure tools? Just have one machine selected, then load another?
I think maybe you can provide a "merge component" function which means that you can merge some pre-built machine parts into the current scene. Considering some recent components (engines, weapons, etc) will take some time to build, providing this function is extremely useful.

My personal workflow concept is :
  1. Select one block to indicate where should the external part being inserted
  2. Click the "import part" button and select a part file (in .bsg or some other format)
  3. The part is imported and its "center" (maybe indicated by the start block I think) is aligned to the selected block, while its blocks are selected so you can rotate or move it consequently.
Why don't you just save those parts as machines and import them with the method already provided?
I mean it's slightly less cool, but it would mean days of work for me to do what you ask.
You can merge machines, and you ca position the according to eachother, saving parts that you need as machine allows you to merge them with other things just the same. Play around with selecting your whole machine and then opening a new machine.