TGYD`s Building Tools [spaar`s Mod Loader] [for v0.45]

Are the Mirror buttons assigned to Numeric Keypad number keys? I ask because I have Microsoft Wedge keyboard without NumKeypad and i can't check it.

UPDATE: Puzzle solved... see this post :) => link
Awesome mod! Most fun I've ever had playing Besiege (I put 4 of my A-Wing in one bsg, built awesome mechanisms that took ages to build without this mod, etc.)!
Hmm, it seem to not working for me, no idea why. No errors in comsole, everything else works fine. Only mirror doedn't. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I should select blocks I want to mirror and just click 1, 2 or 3, right?
Could you explain to me how to use the duplicate feature? I can only seem to get it to copy the selection onto itself, and cant figure out how to use the mirror function


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What operating system are you on?
Updated to version 0.3, see the change log on the first post.

I renamed the mod to simply "Building Tools", as as it expanded and expands I cover more than just block transformation.
As usual, great update !

I have a suggestions for the next ones:

Having the choice between the actual GUI and a vertical one on the right side. Sometimes I want to click on an icon and put or select a block at the same time.
the placing a block bug should have been fixed, and I probably wont do another GUI option, it's not inherently easy to generate that GUI. I suggest in general to consider using the hotkeys if you misclick. :p