Texturing Mod[0.27][Spaar`s Mod Loader 1.3.3]

Yes, a mod for visual!
Set the texture, press F10, and there it is!

Also, because of the way it works, sometimes you will have something like this:
(and sometimes the texture might not exist because you textured it before simulation)

Yes! A melon Rocket!

How to use:
1.Put your texture file under Mods\Blocks\Textures\
2.In game, open console and type in TextureFileName filename.png or something like this.
3. If it said "
Done! Now texturing things will use wm.png!" , point on the block/thing you want to texture and press F10 or Ctrl P or some key set in the key mapper.
4. If you want to use transparent texture, simply type in UseTransparting and all texturing after this command has been run can be transparenting!

Planned feature:
Save texture filenames for every block
Allow Bump Mapping

Attached Files
Texture The thing Mod.dll