Tartaruga Mk.I - Heavy tank

"Tartaruga Mk.I" (or Turtle Mk.I in english) is a heavy tank with more focus on drilling enemy armor, the cannon has x10.00 was a suggestion sent by blitsplatsgaming (he created the cannon and I customized), now speaking More Of the shield, the front as in most of my tanks is tilted to a few degrees, increasing the chances of bouncing, but speaking of the brute force of the shield, the front has iron wires that reinforce the protection in the tank. In the tower, well, with the shield and the front angle quoted, we have a good chance of ricochet by not jumping, the armor will support some shots, well, the curves with that vehicle are one of the good things, can rotate 360 degrees in a few seconds , But the bad side of this tank is its speed to advance, so knowing how to .use the angle and how to make the right time are very important things in that vehicle


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