Tank turret internals (just requires turret armor and a suitable tank hull).

I was going to put this tank style auto loader gun under mechanisms and systems, but since tank style, I guess it would suit here better (even if its only 1/3 of one :p). [HR][/HR]A much improved MK2 version of this original design: http://www.besiegedownloads.com/machine/28469 or http://tinyurl.com/zrq2l5a
Now features:
Fully rotating loading mechanism and gun!
10 round magazine instead of the old 6
Much more reliable loading system
Easier to control (yes slightly counts as "easier")
Heavy duty base ready to be put into a tank body (albeit a tall one)
Much more aesthetically pleasing design
Much more robust design (100% steel mechanism and magazine)

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/ruNy3
T/G: Cannon elevation
F/H: Cannon traverse
Numpad: [#]
4 extend arm
5 raise arm
6 release projectile
8 fire projectile
7/9 rotate magazine
Firing order: T/F/G/H to aim, [4], [4], [5], [4], [6], [4], [5], [8], [7]/[9] to select next round. (Repeat until all ammunition expended).

Download: http://www.besiegedownloads.com/machine/28500 [HR][/HR]Constructive criticism welcome and feel free to do whatever with this design, but if your going to use it in a video or something/put it into a vehicle and post it please reference this post.
But if you do make a vehicle, please leave a link in the comments as I would like to see it.
Good job, and a hint if you didn't notice: Rockets can be fired by contact with fire.
So, you could also do a single key for firing instead of lots of keys for the rockets.
Yeah I know, but I a) thought that it was cooler that you could choose when you want to fire. b) didnt want it to ignite and the loader arm still be attatched to it when it explodes. I might experiment with it later.

Unless you got my confusing pile of instructions confused with the ordering of the individual rockets in which case yes I have 2 flame throwers on top which [8] fires to ingnite the rockets on demand.