Suspension (and others) parametrs ocasion reset to default


I have build not very big machine (107 blocks), and sometimes parameters of suspension and spring and ballast reset to default.
It can be happen right after i close parameter window or spending some time. I cant see system, its ocasion. Only this tree reset -
not piston or wheel - and this is all i use. If interesting, attach my car.

P.S. Great game! I really love this, thank you.

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So you change a parameter, close the window, reopen it, then it's reset?


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Can you post output_log.txt a time right after this happens? And which OS are you using?
Yes, exactly. But its sometimes happened, sometimes not, and i cant see why that happen. I have to check my parameters every time before test my car.
Here it is. I understand bug system. If you open my machine, you can see, i use suspension connected to ballast (near the wheels).
If i click on ballast parameters connected to suspension (! its important) - its reset parameters of suspension and revers
- if i open parameter window of syspension, its reset parameter of ballast. Same thing with spring connected to ballast.
For example - i open param window of suspension and set it 2.8, then open param window of ballast, connected to that suspension.
Right after i open param of suspension and this is 2.0. No meter what param i set - its always reset on 2.

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This is kind of an odd bug; it's triggered by clicking on two things in succession with a wrench. When you already have a properties window open, and then click on another object with the wrench, what happens goes in this order
  1. load sliderValue of new block
  2. check that the slider is within it's range
  3. load sliderMin and sliderMax of new block
Say first you click on a wheel, then on the spring. So, First step one happens. The properties of the spring are loaded. But here's the problem: the GUI still (kinda sorta) thinks it's editing a wheel, because the GUI's internal slider range hasn't been changed yet. So the GUI says "Oh, whoops, this block's sliderValue is too high is greater than what the max is supposed to be! Better fix that!". Then it changes it's internal slider maximum. I suppose this bug slipped passed the devs 'cause most of the blocks have the same slider range.
I understand, thank you for reply. I fix it like that: change value of all ballast, then click on toppest and isolated piston, then click on suspensions and change its value. Work`s for me - and suspension, and connected ballast save my preferences.