Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA


Alternative control in (bracket)
Engines: Right Ctrl (Left Ctrl)
Roll and Pitch: Arrow keys ( T F G H)
Yaw (turn left/right while taxiing): Delete / Page Down (R/ T)
Brake: Right Shift (Left Shift)
Accelerate (go forward while taxiing): Home ( Z )
Decelerate (go backward while taxiing): End ( X )
Close/Open Cockpit: Insert / Page Up (N / M)
Retract/Extend Landing gears: [0] / [.] (C / V)
Open/ Close Weapon bays: O / P
Bombs: 1- 9
Missiles: [1] - [6]
-F5: First person view
-F6: Third person view
-F7: Weapon bays view
Skin pack:
Block amount: 244
-Skin pack is required to make the machine look realistic
-Invincible mode recommended to make it iceproof
-Some mechanisms is based on CCCanyon's Mig41
-How to Land: decelerate till the plane touches ground then activate Brake.


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