Suggetion : the Sound block

Currently, there is no sounds except explosions in Besieged. I've been thinking about how to make nice machine working sounds. How about this one?

Adding sound block type.
Users can choose pick a sound from the block's option and the sound will play when the block is activated.

For sounds, the more, the better.
For example, an engine sound for cars, a track-crawling sound for tanks, and a shrieking sound for airplnes.
And they can be bound to the wheel activating key and be played when it is activeted by it.

This will greatly help in-game and also movie makers.


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IIRC, TGYD already told that looping sound doesn't work in Besiege or something about Unity.
That's might explain why the rocket hiss stops after a while
Sound wise, I'd like to be able to turn off the ambient sound loop as well as the music, and I'd like to have to options save when I exit the game. They could be saved in the same location the graphical options are saved.

If you turn off the music and sound loop, then you could just hear the sounds of explosions, NPC's being hit, blocks being added in build mode, etc. It'd be like it is in zone 26 with the music turned off.