Select the ones you do like.

  • Rotating Spring

  • Pre-Extended Slider

  • Multiple Keys for a single object

  • Automatic for everything

  • Straight Teeth

  • Freezable Unpowered Wheel

  • Freezable Small Wheel

  • Magnets

  • Ropes with physics

  • Erect Contractable Spring

  • Bomb with a fuse

  • Unpowered Flying Block

  • Inverted Cog

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-Rotating Spring, I can't describe it but it's not like a suspension block with a swivel joint. It's more like those toy cars you wind up. (Photo #1)

-Pre-Extended Slider, Slider that's already been extended.

-Multiple Keys for a single object.

-Automatic for everything, Piston that'll extend as soon as the level starts, Steering Hinge that'll bend to the right degree as soon as the level starts.

-Straight Teeth, Like the Cog but not circly. (Photo #2)

-Freezable Unpowered Wheels, The Cogs can freeze why not the wheels?

-Freezable Small Wheel.

-Magnets, Opposites attract, Not Opposites repel.

-Ropes with physics, have you seen the physics on the chains in Breath of the Wild? I want something as good as that.

-Erect Contractable Spring, Contractable Spring but doesn't collapse.

-Bomb with a fuse, add a little a fire, then get the HELL AWAY FROM IT!!!!

-Unpowered Flying Block, like a normal Flying Block but with no motor.

-Inverted Cog, like a normal cog but with the teeth on this inside, and maybe the outside.

That Coiling thing right above the doorway
Those teeth on the deadbolt things.
Torsions, great for tank's suspension, it can work with long brace, but they're not designed for that and actually will rotate points, connected to block, not brace itself. It needs implementation of blocks deformation.
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