Would you like these to be added to the game?. Please only pick one

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I would like to have a godmode that allows you to control knights in first person or 3rd person. i would like if you can swing your weapon if your the farmer or the axe knights. so that if people are playing a war in multiplayer they wouldnt need to make a unit made out of scaled blocks that uses a lot of blocks

Edit function

I would like to have a slider on the edit menu of the bomb or grenade. so that you can change its explosion radius and change its sensitivity of blowing up when touching the ground


Crossbow men. it uses a crossbow. it works just like the archers but it shoots straight and the projectile moves faster

Water Map

I would like water to be in the game that reacts like real water. i also want it to be in a level. so that you need to build a boat

Hello! Would you like to translate the game into different languages? In the priority for me Russian language, I can help with the translation into Russian.
I also can help with Russian translation, but most of all i want to translate this game into BELARUSIAN!!!!!!! ( Радзіма, мая дарагая, ты ў шчасьці жаданым жыві.....). ;):):):):):)