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    So, I know there's probably mods for this; but I figured it would be a nice additon to be able to tilt blocks in different directions.
    For example if you hold shift and drag a block(in building mode) the block will face whatever direction you're dragging. From that block you could then keep building in the same angle. So, if you consider a certain side of the block to be the front; then you would hold shift while dragging to let's say left, the block would not move but the front would face the direction you're dragging. If you want to reset the block to standard position you could hover over the block and tap shift. This would add posibilities to for instance use braces to connect blocks with different angles, and adds a whole lot of building techniques.
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    I'm sorry if you found it hard to read; "it's probably mods for this" - but maybe you should consider the fact that if it really is so popular, maybe they should feature it in the game itself.
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