Suggested New Block: Cannon Reloader

I'm picturing a block that can be placed adjacent a cannon or other cannon reloaders, and each one adds one shot to the cannon. A major advantage to this would be, you could have multiple cannon shots with only one button to fire, instead of multiple cannons mapped to different buttons. What do you guys think?


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You can map all the cannons to one button already, can't you? Or am I misunderstanding what you meant with the second part?


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ITR said:
You can map all the cannons to one button already, can't you? Or am I misunderstanding what you meant with the second part?
I think the point was that you could have multiple shots on one button that don't all fire at the same time.

Also, a block like this was actually an idea I had for one of my mods. I wasn't sure if this would be something people would like, but I guess this means I should do that if that mod works out.
I actually like this idea a lot! Instead of simply adding multiple shots to the cannon like has been suggested a billion times, you have to incorporate the extra shots into the build itself, maybe even come up with a way to maneuver them into position. +1'd for sure.
+1 to this idea. I'm guessing it'd just need a simple calculation to determine whether it's close enough to a cannon for it to be able to provide the extra ammunition, but how would it handle cannonballs falling out of the block?
presumably, they simply wouldn't. It's not even necessary that there be an actual cannonball in them; cannons themselves don't have one, they simply generate a cannonball "out of thin air" directly in front of their mouths
Gamaran Sepudomyn said:
Yeah, I know that, but it'd look weird if some setup which looks like it's supposed to feed into the cannon doesn't have at least one open end.
Actually, I think it would look weird if it did have an open end. Then you'd have to animate an arm reaching out to load the cannonball or something. Whereas if you just have a nondescript 1x1x1 enclosure, you can imagine the cannonball transmitting through the wooden frame somehow. This is consistent with other things in the game, like the wheels that are "powered," but don't get that power from anything in particular.
Now that they patched the infinite flamethrower bug, I'll suggest a block that adds another 10 seconds of flamethrower fuel.

Granted, even a split second burst can cause a huge fire, so 10 seconds is generous. But it'd still be nice to have the option to add more fuel without having to map another flamethrower onto a different key.
that make me imagine a arm literally reaching out of the cannon bore, grabbing a cannonball, and tossing it inside the bore before tucking back inside the cannon xD


i think it would be better if the cannon is 6 shot instead of 1 just click c/any other button and shoots again with low fire rate
and flamethrower is 15 but i thinck 15 is a little overpowered so the flamethrower boost is optional
but i want the cannon one