Stuck at black windowed screen and beachball spinner on mac

Discussion in 'Besiege: Bug Reports' started by John Davidson, May 16, 2018 at 11:22 PM.

  1. John Davidson

    John Davidson New Member

    I'd love to be able to play the game, but on startup I'm stuck at a black screen. Anything I can do?

    I saw that editing config.txt to indicate resolution can help, but I'm not sure where that file is located on a mac. Anything else I should try?

    I've spent a fair amount of time Googling this and I'm out of ideas.
  2. ITR

    ITR l̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ֍̫̜̥̭͖̱̟̟͉͙̜̰ͅl̺̤͈̘̰̺͉̳͉̖̝̱̻̠̦͈ͅ Staff Member

    Have you tried redownloading the game? What does your output log say? I think it's in ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

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