Steering Hinges with RTC option

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The steering hinges should have an RTC option?

  1. Yep, this might be good

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  2. No, this is a bad idea

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  1. Beruno

    Beruno New Member

    I was thinking if the Steering Hinges should have an option in the vannila game to make them work like an Return-to-Center.
    This might be a good thing for new creators
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  2. Shade

    Shade Active Member

    This has been suggested so many times but I don't think it's a bad idea.
    Would works well with limited hinges but would be hilarious with no limit hinges
  3. Beruno

    Beruno New Member

    DidnĀ“t know this was already a thing

    Also, Shade
    The developers really use the ideas given here in the Forums? I think I never saw one or maybe just a few
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  4. Shade

    Shade Active Member

  5. Brickobius

    Brickobius Member

    Besiege desperately needs this so that we don't always have to make complicated RTC hinges with pistons! :mad:
  6. Ross

    Ross Member

    I voted in favor. It makes sense, because real cars don't have special return-to-center mechanisms; the wheels just do that on their own due to inertia. It would actually require an extra system to make the wheels not return to center.
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  7. TYRTlive

    TYRTlive New Member

    Ah I was thinking about this for the past week. Great to find someone like me on the forum...

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