Steel Rain Mk.2 [0.05]

Steel Rain Mk.2

This is a long range missile artillery vehicle with an archer shield. When launching missiles, be careful not to ignite neighboring missiles. After launching a missile do not make radical turns until you have cleared some distance from the main launching platform.

Vehicle Controls
` to raise archer shield
Up/Back: Move Forward / Move Backward
Right/Left: Turn right / Turn left

Missile Controls
1 to accelerate/launch back left missile
2 to accelerate/launch back middle missile
3 to accelerate/launch back right missile
4 to accelerate/launch upper left missile
5 to accelerate/launch upper middle missile
6 to accelerate/launch upper right missile
Numpad 2: Pull down
Numpad 8: Pull Up
Numpad 4: Turn left
Numpad 6: Turn right

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