Steam Turbine powered Quadrupedal Walker!

A quadrupedal walker driven by a steam turbine. Glitchy as heck, and only works in invincible mode, but it shows it can be done. I'm not quite sure why it walks in a circle - probably the turbine exerting a torque or something.


The basic walker mechanism is by FRizB - see

Y to start, F for flame from snout. It may take several attempts to persuade it to walk properly - the drive mechanism is put under a lot of strain, and tends to jump gears.

Please don't upload the bsg files elsewhere without linking this thread.

Edit: I've now added a bsg for the less-glitchy SW-16 version.

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Hmm, it seems kinda wobbly every now and then
Yup - the last gear in the drive train tends to slip (it has the most torque, obviously). I might be able to double up the gearing for this, by adding a second gear driving the large front cog, which would spread the load - I'd need to still keep them connected by cranks though, as they need to stay in sync.
I've done a bit more work on it, and it is now a little bit more reliable, I think.

I added an extra drive gear for the front, to spread some of the load - the gears don't slip so often now. I also discovered that it ran just as well with only a single row of steam cannons, so I removed the second row. This not only reduces the weight but seems to make starting smoother.

I've not been able to find any reliable way to make it go straight - softening the suspension on one side seems to help, but this makes it prone to more glitches. I might try mounting the turbine sideways, to cancel out the torque effects.

I'll add a bsg for this version (SW-16) to the top posting.
Another approach - the Steam-Turbine Elephant: :D

Tends to walk with a limp, and glitches can sometimes suddenly throw it skywards - with fatal results: :(

I'll upload a bsg if I can cure some of the glitches.
More progress on the original walker design. I've added reverse, and torque reaction steering. It seems to work ok, though it isn't the most manoeuvrable of designs - did real dinosaurs have to do three-point turns to get around tight corners? ;)

I'll upload a bsg when I've done some more testing, along with the Elephant, which is also progressing well.