Steam Propelled Acronym Could`ve Emulated (but i) Can`t Reticulate Any Freaking Thing

Aside from the joke , I Need help collecting SPACE CRAFT!!
It's kinda hard to build an example of many complicated construction

So i'm needing a Space Creation as a front of a category of spacecraft

These are the type of steam propelled craft required
  • Vertical Landing and Takeoff (VTOL)
  • Vertical & Staged Rocket
  • High Attitude Satellite
    • Observational Satellite
    • Orbital Strike Satellite
  • SpaceShip
    • Steam Propelled Jet
    • Steam Propelled Glider
    • Steam Propelled Heavy Airship
And Yes, I'm making a page for each of spaceship category and subcategories


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I've made a spacecraft which operates in six axes and utilizes androgynous dock/berth connectors allowing two craft to be docked together, or berthed to a separate location. controls for the single craft are a bit cramped but are designed to include the yet-to-be-implemented second craft
The control scheme is
up: [
down: '
left: ;
right: Return
forward: ]
backward: Right Shift
pitch up: [5]
pitch down: [8]
yaw left: [4]
yaw right: [6]
roll left: [7]
roll right: [9]

[Edit:]I've added a second craft to practice docking. controls for the second craft use the second half of the keyboard:
up: t
down: g
left: f
right: h
forward: y
backward: r
pitch up: k
pitch down: i
yaw left: j
yaw right: l
roll left: u
roll right: o

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