Stealth Dive Bomber

[video=youtube;cwDwgmaKp3E] n9ukPviXP&index=10[/video] [video=youtube;hgyv64s_bTE][/video]

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A mobility and integrity upgrade from the stealth bomber. Horizontal rotors allow to roll rapidly to perform dive bombing.

Pitch (NUM8) (NUM5)
Roll (Left arrow) (Right arrow)
Yaw (NUM4) (NUM6)
Throttle (NUM1)
Reverse (NUM3)
Left Horizontal rotor ( p ) ( ; )
Right Horizontal rotor ( [ ) ( ' )

Landing gears:
Retract (L)
Deploy (K)
Hold (H) while gliding to take off

Wing end bombs Left ( right ALT) Right ( right CTRL)
Others: (1)(2)(3)