Starting Block Plus [Spaar`s Modloader]

Well, this feels good!
Making a mod myself!

This is pretty simple, but seeing I am still pretty much a noob at coding, I think it's pretty good.

It simply adds some extra features to the previously useless Starting Block.

Slider changes the self-destruct radius as suggested by wang_w571 and Pixali;
"Control mode" adds arrow key controls to the starting block, as requested by helloindustries;


You can't use "Teleport to Mouse" with only the Starting Block. The machine you're teleporting needs to have more than 1 block (starting block included);
"Control mode" only works for the Starting Block alone. If u have a machine "surrounding" it, u wont be able to push the machine.

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Awesome Mod! I love that you can teleport your machine (this should be a "godpower" in the official game:D). But there's a bug though...
The Starting block sometimes falls off the machine in building mode. Still it's awesome!
Dunno how it happend but it was like the starting block was in simulation mode and the rest weren't. Kind of strange..
Well, of course.

First of all, you're not supposed to even have more than 1 Starting Block.

2nd, if you have 2 starting blocks next to each other, they wont connect. That's an issue with the game itself.

And it proably derps out XD
I checked my code and everything is fine with it, it wouldn't cause that problem.

Wait, what?! o_0
I just watched until the end of the video, I have no freaking idea what's causing that XD

It would be cool if there was a way to self right the vehicle using the starting block. Especially on zero-g so your vehicle doesn't go spiraling off somewhere.