'Start Contracted' and 'Automatic' option for Contractible Springs


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okay, this suggestion is pretty simple, but it would help builders ( like me ) a LOT, so here is the suggestion:
similarly to how the winch has a 'Start Unwound' option, there should be a 'Start Contracted' option for springs.
When 'Start Contracted' is enabled, the spring will start enabled, and will disable or toggle on key press.
Additionally, a 'Automatic' option could be added. When the 'Automatic' option is enabled, the spring will stay contracted regardless of keys pressed, similar to wheels.
You might be thinking, "Why would either of these things be useful?".
Well, here are some examples:
1. People who use contractible springs for stability purposes wouldn't have to press a key every time they start the machine, freeing up space for more keys and generally making things easier.
2. Use in mechanisms: If you are like me, and, when you make a ballista, you use contractible springs for both firing and reloading, you have to use two keys to fire and reload. however, with a start contracted option, you would be able to fire and reload with a single key. Not to mention that having automatic and contracted on start allows contractible springs to be used like pistons, which take up more space, are slower (even on the highest speed) , and much weaker than springs, not to mention that springs can contract from any distance.