Stable controllable Helicopter, only propellers used. With youtube video!

Hey everybody,

I finally succeeded in creating a PROPELLER-ONLY helicopter :).

It's very stabile and okay to control.


The controls are 1,2,3 and the leftkey and rightkey button.
Press them all at once for taking off. Lift your finger off the leftkey to steer to the left, put it back on the left key to keep the helicopter stable. The same goes for the rightkey.
The front of the helicopter may come up, but this is done on purpose. Just release your 3 or 1 for a second. (I recommend 3 because this is easier).
The helicopter will keep stabile, but you need to play with the keys to keep it under control. When the nose goes up, press 3. When the helicopter goes left, release the right key etc :).

But once you get the hang of it it's actually pretty easy!

Have fun!

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Working helicopter1.bsg