SR-71 Flapbird (Ornithopter)


This is an ornithopter that I have been working on for quite some time.

It is capable of taking off on its own without invincibility mode but It does not fit in the bounding box. It steers with flapping mechanisms I made utilizing pistons, springs, u-joints and gliders. These mechanisms allow the wings to angle differently on the up and the down stroke which in turn allow the wings to generate both lift and forward thrust. These mechanisms also roll the bird and do return to center.


'Right control' to flap
'↑' and '↓' to pitch.
'←' and '→' to roll.

When taking off, hold left ctrl and let it get some speed before you pitch up slightly and you should be good!

Download link:

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The takeoff is rough, but once it's in the air it flies soo well, great job!
One thing though, is that swivel joints have friction now so I simply replaced them all with ball joints. This gives it more natural flap movement and anytime you let it glide the now frictionless wheels will roll to the bottom position, tilting the wings down for maximum velocity
Thanks! Yeah the takeoff is a bit rough but its only powered by two wheels so the energy input isnt that high. I also tried with swivel joints after your suggestion which I think improved the flapping a bit, nice find! I'm currently working on a new version with foldable wings that fits in the bounding box which is successful, the stability of the craft is an issue though, will update once I'm pleased.
Very cool, there aren't many ornithopters that don't require invincibility, I think this is the second one I've seen, good job
Nice work man. Apparently physics decided that this machine was NEVER meant to slow down.
If i just keep orbiting the sandbox area without purposely stalling it, it never stops. I don't even flap the wings.

Edit: Apparently what causes constant acceleration is repeatedly pressing the down arrow (pitch up). Dunno why, though.