spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]


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The forum download is indeed apaprently broken right now and I can't edit the post to fix it either. For now, download the mod loader from GitHub, the files are always uploaded there too.

Regarding the issue with the broken title screen, it would be good if somebody could tell me what exactly you did before that happened. Did you update the mod loader manually or using the installer? And it would be good if somebody could upload their output_log.txt file, that might help in fixing the issue too.


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Von fixed the forum issue so the downloads here should work again now. If you have any toruble with them in the future, the GitHub option still works.


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Check spaar's previous post
Hi, i just download the mod-loader for the first time, I'm on windows 10 and used the exe installer, i installed the v0.3 version and the TGYD's Building Tools [spaar's Mod Loader] [for v0.3] mod juste after.
then when i launched the game the text on the title menu was messed up (like 2 times overlapping or something) and i can't rotate the vue arround the planet using the right clic has it is normaly possible. I don't know if there is anything else i closed the game and retry (same thing happened) then closed it again and came on the forum to report this :)
Hi spaar,
I have got some problems with your modloader:
- The main menu fades out to white
- The earth and levels in the main menu are invisible
- Levels are not clickable
Maybe you could look into this? Thanks
Things have changed on OS X El Capitan (V. 10.11.5)..

Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Besiege (file) -> Besiege (Application) -> Contents

Now we have here: Data , Frameworks , MacOS , Mods (added by me of course) , NpcNames , Plugins , Resources , SavedMachines , Screenshots , Skins , NoThumbnailFound.png , Info.plist , CompletedLevels.txt , Config.txt

Your tutorial says (for Mac) that you must move your Assembly-UnityScript.dll into Data -> Managed and replace the old (original) Assembly-UnityScript.dll . But there is no such object, only a ''etc'' folder.

Also, I had the modloader and some mods working a few hours ago, then Besiege updated. So I tried reinstalling your modloader. Because I had the problem described above, I just searched inside the Besiege Content for the Assembly-UnityScript.dll object to replace it with yours, which went well. Sadly I didn't look up where it was located. But now I can't find such an object inside the Besiege Content.

Regards and cheers for your patience, effort and work!
Hey Spar! First off, I wanted to thank you for your work. But, in the latest version of the mod loader, I've had some difficulties. Now, on boot up, the game enhances the background lighting to be a blinding glare that pretty much just turns the whole game white. It doesn't do this without the mod loader, and it does it even if there are no mods installed.