Some minor balance and fix suggestions(Well thought-out)

Hello everybody!
I just compiled together some balances for the game from my experience:
Fix the chaos engine, I understand it is for creative machines powered by chaos engines, but it is way too powerful.
Based on what I have seen, there's a bug with decouplers which are connected to springs(mainly in bomb ballistas) where the decoupler won't decouple at all, it can get a bit annoying. I think it is due to braces connected to the block behind the decoupler, right?

Increase lift provided by the "Wing" by 20%
Decrease lift provided by wing panel by 10%
Increase the speed of the large wheel by 25% more than small wheel.

I honestly think that the C.O.M of a creation shouldn't move if you place a certain piece as long as the piece isn't directly fixed to the mein creation.

There's nothing wrong with the chaos engine. It's not like someone using it gets an unfair advantage over you in game. Especially since anyone can use the design.

what benefit does changing the lift of wings/ wing panels give? I'd rather see an option to rotate them to give more or less lift,
-Possibly via slider for amount of lift with others that show how the change in lift affects drag.

Wheel speed is fine, what is needed more is a way to increase traction.
I guess it's okay with the chaos engine.
The reason why I am asking a change for the wings, panels and props is because:
The wing panels provide quite a lot of lift when tilted based on their size and the fasct that you can attach anything to 6 sides of the wing panel and even brace them.
Propellers can't have anything attached to them but provide a lot of lift for their size.
The actual wings, however, provide very little lift saying that nothing can be attached to them and that they are triple the size of a wing panel.