some level editor suggestions


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while making levels, I've hit some barriers in what I can do, so I'm making some suggestions for stuff that would help.
1. Transformations should have a 'relative to' setting. When making a robot arm, i shouldn't have to use rotation matrices.

2. Transformations, Ammo Refills, Progress setting, or any number-based logic function should have the option to use variables.

3. Skin packs for Level objects, this also ties into #4.

4. The ability to set the skybox (either by selecting from a list, or from a skin pack), sky color, fog color, etc.

5. The Tornado should have a settable force, along with a "can move" setting (i.e can push, but can't move), with a movement speed setting.

6. Ability to change transparency of some objects (primitives, valley and hill, trigger, etc) wither either a slider or by typing in manually (i.e 000000FF would be black and fully opaque, while 00000000 would be invisible), and a option to turn on/off collisions for those objects, like how there is a solid option for the trigger.

7. Variable detects should have logical operations (i.e IF variable 1 = 1 and Variable 2 < 2, then do something).