Some issues

1. Slider block cant be set in opened positшon in building mode, instead of piston block.
2. I noticed that in latest version it is possible to setup different keys (not only one as in old versions) for some blocks in block settings. But it not working when the block has more than one customizable key.
3. It seems that in level editor there aren a lot of things - I cant find cannons, mortars and flying machine etc, all of which used in default levels. Where I can find this?
4. There is no limitation for some blocks, where it necessary - for hinge, swivle joint, steering block, winch, piston, slider. Its strange, because for steering hinge there is useful limitation, but there is not limitation for other blocks.
5. There is no toogle mod for spinning block.
6. Default "Building tool" analog. It is imho main issue of besiege - sometimes building become disgusting. If i want to put my block at half size of the parent block, I need to come up with hard methods useing half blocks like wheels, and then delet it etc. It is really disgusing. If I build almost all my mashine, and then notice, that it would be good to move a half of the machine left/right/up/down, in this case I must delete ALL this part of machine and then build it again in correct position. Instead of just selecting all needed blocks and move it as one part using the Building tool. It seems, that almost all cool machines in Steam workshop was build with the help of Building tool ot other mods. And its really bad. Why you still dont add more building options to the game?

In fact, I dont know whether these are bugs or not, but it seems that some of these are really important issues of the game, I cant call these as "suggestions", because these things must be in the game. And sorry for my English.