Some ideas and improvements for the automation blocks


This message will be quite short and I'm not from an english speaking country (It might have a few mistakes). Also, I know that you probably receive a lot of requests same as mine. So, you don't need to read everything, but just the main ideas.

The automation update is a great update, but in my opinion, this still very limited. For sure the game needs to keep his "medieval atmosphere" and following this way of thinking, it can't be very mechanised or automated. But now Besiege is usually more a steam punk themed game than a medieval themed one. And by adding sensors and logic gates, there are really new cool ways to explore and build. However, I think that several things could improve the gameplay:

Put wires instead of bindings :
Yes, because most of the time you're lost and you can't remember wich binding you've set for each actions and conditions.

Add numeral values that you can change by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with other values when ever you want :
Maybe by adding a block named "computer" ?

Link a value with a sensor to modify his properties :
e.g change the distance for the detection sensor, the altitude for the altimeter...

Thank you for keeping in mind my suggestions and never stop working on this game, it is too amazing to be forgotten...