So Are There Two Forums Now?


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This is the official forum. The old one was re-opened temporarily, because this one might run out of bandwith, meaning it would drop offline. However the message about that was removed again, so maybe this situtation is sorted out now ? We'll have to wait for a statement by Von I guess. But if you can, use this forum and not the old one.


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Ye so there was real concern that this forum would go down but we've managed to get more bandwidth while we transition the forum to a dedicated server. Sorry for the confusion but the acquisition of more bandwidth really did come at the 11th hour.


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You should've kept a "Down for maintenance" page ready. It's better to have users check one place and find it's down for a scheduled period (so they know when to check back) than make them periodically check two places for an unknown period of time. Now people are going to be confused about this for the next month. :V


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Maybe this state of confusion might be served better if the old forum was just taken down? 'Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead'.


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I'll say it again, make a giant button that leads to the new forums. As long as it doesn't redirect automatically it's not against proboards rules, right?