Sniper (No recoil!) + Sniper-flamethrower-thingy!


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(Also in Steam Workshop)

I just got and idea to build a very accurate sniper-cannon-thingy and here it is!
IMPORTANT: The lock (X) needs to be attached always when firing the cannon or it'll break!


Press Z once
Press X once to release the cannon
Aim with WASD
(Press left shift to fine-tune your aiming).
Press X to lock
Press C for single shot OR hold Right alt for continous shooting OR hold Right ctrl to set the target on fire.


Aiming: WASD
Sight: Z
Fine-tune sight: Left shift
Recoil lock: X (toggle)
Fire: C
Continous fire: Left alt (hold)
Ranged flamethrower: Right ctrl (hold)