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    1. Wider gears to make it easier to align them.
    2. Holder + Grabber, basically a holder that can grab onto the items in the basket.
    3. Hard missions: Smaller construction box, limit number of parts, blocks like water and vacuum have limited use, only allow certain parts.
    4. Tar block: Shoots tar like a water cannon, works as a sort of glue. Tar is highly flammable. Change viscosity of the tar. Thicker tar will be more sticky, shoot shorter, and burn longer, thinner tar will be less sticky, shoot longer and burn quickly.
    5. Smaller wing-panels
    6. Reduce mass of aerodynamic propellers (both normal and small).
    7. More interacting parts like water cannon + heat. An example could be boulder + tar + fire = big flaming boulder (very limited usage of this particular example, yes, but it's just an example).
    8. Programmable blocks (maybe a NPC model that can affect nearby blocks) that can activate blocks in a given order with or without delay. Example: 1: turn steering hinge 30 degrees forwards, 2: wait 2000 milliseconds, 3: turn steering hinge back 30 degrees, 4: fire cannon.
    9. More machine info, like weight/mass, length, width, height,
    10. Part standard settings, as in the cannon is by default set to fire with the C key, I prefer to use the 2 key.
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    11. Block interactions for decoupler, grabbers etc, so heat or cold will make a grabber release the item it holds or make it unable to grab onto something.
    12. Reset blocks to starting position while the simulation is running, so that a powered hinge can move 40 degrees either way, but by pressing a button it will return to how it started, aka. 0 degrees.
    13. Merge savefiles: if I make a plane in one save file, and a target in another file, merging them will put them in a new savefile. One could merge on the base block, so I could make the plane on the left side of the block and the target on the right side. Alternatively, there could be a separate merge reference block (one per machine) that could be placed on both machines before merging which would be merged onto one block is the saves were merged. This would make it more modular.
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