Small Gears and Pieces to Work With - Users : Like or Post If You Agree

It would be great if there were an additional dimension where you can double click or zoom in and work with small parts and build things like engines and zoom out be able to connect those parts together.

This is a great game and I think it will only get greater. There are people out there building huge differentials and automatic gear systems with what's given. Smaller gears and parts would be great.

As I understand the development and implementation challenges of even very simple requests however, it would be great if down the road it takes place on the map.

Thanks for the great game!
It's certainly an interesting idea, but I see two potential problems with it. Mainly, the game has a hard time handling more complex designs as it is (lag), so if you make building more complex, with more connection points to remember on each block, that might make the game even more susceptible to lag. Another potential issue is that if you make building a lot more complicated for the user, new players might find it daunting. The immediate accessibility of building, I think, is one of the greatest strengths of Besiege.
I just remembered that blocks connect just by being adjacent to each other, rather than having specific points, so it might not be as bad as I thought. But still, having two different scales might be awkward for the program and the user.


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Make a poll rather than asking people to like your post :p
People almost never use the like button, so the chances of people actually doing it is low.
And if you have a "vote against" option, you also get to know how many people don't want to have it