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Sorry to tell you but...

you're not that good yet, you have to do better stuff and learn from the other ones.

Maybe I'm not as well, but eh, I try.
#47 isn't just as to whether you are a builder of whatever quality. It's just we don't like mouthy 11 year olds. if you were 12 or 13 maybe but .....nah.

The J

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MaxTCC I'm thinking of joining, however I'm unsure as to whether I would meet the cut and would rather not waste anyone's time. Could you please post, for the benefit of myself and I'm sure many others, a description of what levels of builders you allow in?
Loshirai!!! I'm so glad you made a post! Yay :D
I've been wanting to invite you for a week now, can you please go to the main post and answer the form? :)


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I think he wants something more like, "you need to be able to do this and this", or something.

That said, better to have tried and failed, than never have tried at all. Or something.