Skin Pack 'Variant' option/'Folder' for skins


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For Skinpacks, the option to add multiple textures to a skinpack, from which the user could select which variant they want, as well as the ability to make a folder for skinpacks would be very helpful for people who have a lot of skinpacks.

For the first feature, imagine a skinpack like Aluminum, or Industrial Revolution, where there are many variations. As of current, subscribing to all the variations of such a skinpack makes it harder to find other skins, as they take up a significant amount of the space.
Now, imagine having a single skinpack with all of the variations contained, which the user can switch between, possibly using a seperate menu, or perhaps clicking on the skin would bring up its variations.

The second feature would tie into this, where skins could be organized into folders. These would work much the same as machine folders.
As for the ability to switch skins in the Parameter Tuning menu, this would essentially be unchanged, as adding a folder menu to it would, in my opinion, take up too much space, and would overcomplicate things, although having the skin selection go through the active folder could work.