Since 0.25 Ballast weight cant be chanced

As i was making a airship i changed the weight of some Ballast but i had no effect.
so i made an hinge and a block to a Libra to test my suspicion: i placed a ballast on both sides and tryd many weights but its allways end up even (also with 0.20 against 2.0).
so i think u can set the weight with the tool but is has no effect.
so i suspect the 0.25 update with many chances in the parameter tunning made the Ballast bugi.


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in previous versions, editing the file to set ballast with a negative amount crashes the game as you open the file
in 0.25 not only the game won't crash, but it won't even set the ballasts to a negative value


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Do you have mods installed? Or does it happen without mods?


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solaris said:
I'm guessing not everyone is having this problem? Any ideas how to fix this? really sucks that I cant build anything ;/
I found a workaround. After you set a ballast weight, save your machine, load it, and the ballast mass physic should behave properly.


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Do you know if it's dependent on whether the text-field or the slider is used?