Simple Rope + Winch jolts

I've been messing around with my cable cart and noticed a couple issues, that can be quite irritating.
While the simulation is running, whenever I take a screenshot or tab out then back in the rope seems to jolt slightly, which can lead to it snapping.
I've tried to take a video but FRAPS prevents me from taking steam screenshots when recording, and tabbing out while recording crashes both programs.

I'm terrible at explaining, so try building something like this (or download the attachment), tighten the winch a bit, then tab out then back in. As you could guess, it snaps.

This isn't a major bug, but it's a bug none the less. Plus, it might just be my computer.

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An interesting bug, its probably something to do with the game trying to catch up with the physics simulation.

From my experience it works if your in window mode so you might want to try that out.

I'll add this to the bug list.