Simple, reliable, reloadable steam gun (bomb-thrower) of a minimalistic design.

Almost sniper accuracy. Theoretically, almost unlimited range. Ammunition - 11 bombs. Simple control. High speed of movement and maneuverability make it easy to get out from under the enemy's strike, move in a cramped space. The reloading is fully automatic. After the shot, you need to wait 1-2 seconds.
When creating this machine, I started to build it around a water cannon with a force of 50x. But it was too much. Due to quantum effects of Physx, bombs very often flew through obstacles and did not explode at all (less often-they exploded far behind the target, without causing any damage to it). Experimentally, power of water cannon was reduced to 17x.
- move: cusror keys left, right, up, down (it's like a car);
- aiming: numpad 2, 4, 6, 8;
- shoot: numpad Enter;
- aiming camera: numpad 5;

-high center of mass - when lifting the gun up, you need to beware of sharp maneuvers, since there is a risk of flipping over.
-resistance to archers is limited. The wheels and bombs in the magazine are protected, but a bomb prepared for firing is not.
-fire resistance is weak. The wooden wheels ignite up first. Near the bombs - ropes, when they ignite, ammunition explodes.